ADHD Assessments for Children, Adolescents and Adults

As a registered and licensed psychologist I have been working with patients with ADHD| ADD for over 30 years. I have worked with children and adolescents in school settings as well as their homes, and provided adults with ADHD treatment to address problems in the home, with relationships, school| college and in the workplace. I have served as the neuropsychologist on community based rehabilitation teams and worked closely with occupational therapists, social workers and other psychologists to develop rehabilitation and general intervention plans.

Unlike others who work with individuals with ADHD I have worked with individuals across the life span. My experience as a hospital based psychologist, school psychologist and teacher of special education has prepared me to develop intervention programs that make sense for the settings they are used in. I know what's possible, and not possible for a teacher to do, and what makes sense in a workplace or home.

I provide ADHD assessment and intervention services in my offices in Burnaby, BC, Vancouver, BC and Seattle, WA. ADHD assessment services include comprehensive testing, not just collecting symptoms. I work to first, make sure your issues are ADHD related, work to rule out other possible causes of the symptoms, and work to try to understand any co-morbid disorders that might be making ADHD even more difficult to deal with.

As a psychologist I do not prescribe medications but instead work with your physician to 1) develop a comprehensive assessment plans to do the best we can to make the right diagnosis, 2) I do further testing to make sure we understand the exact nature of the problems ADHD presents in your case. This means some academic, cognitive and neuro-spychological testing, in addition to the simple collecting of symptoms many use to make a diagnosis of ADHD.

Psycho-educational Assessments are sometimes needed to help a school make a determination about how ADHD is effecting you, and what types of school based information they might need to provide appropriate services and accommodations. 

A comprehensive ADHD assessment starts with an initial appointment to review your history and make sure we are right to be proceeding with an assessment. Together, if appropriate, we then proceed to gathering a history and observations from others. Then we finish the assessment with a day of testing to provide further and deeper insight. The cost of the initial appointment in my Canadian offices is $175. The comprehensive testing costs $600 and if you need a psycho-educational assessment for school, college or university the cost of the psycho-ed is approximately $1,600-$1,950.  In this case the cost of the ADHD assessment component is included.

For further information on ADHD testing / assessment, diagnosis and treatment of ADHD in children, teens/adolescents or adults, please contact me on my web page at,PhD,CAGS,RPsych,RMFT_Burnaby_British+Columbia_70682