Academic Accommodations for College and University Students

Academic Accommodations for Students with Learning Disabilities in the Lower Mainland

We provide assessments / testing for students seeking academic accommodations due to specific learning disabilities, ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder), depression, anxiety, and other psychological or neuropsychological problems. These assessments are also appropriate for those in the workplace seeking workplace accommodations.

Comprehensive assessments for ADHD cost $800, and full Psychoeducational Assessments run between $1,800 (if you have a more recent assessment that needs updating) to $2,400.00.  Be aware these costs are not covered by BC MSP, but may be covered by your extended health care plan. Some schools will assist students in paying for this type of assessment. You need to contact the school directly. As far as insurance goes, you need to check with your own plan, as each plan is different and we have no way of knowing the extent of any individual’s coverage.

Assessments include testing, collecting a psychological and medical history, scoring of the tests, the determination of a diagnosis, if appropriate, and a final written report ranging from 5-15 pages, depending upon the type of report.  We spend about one hour with you to review the findings and make suggestions as to skill development, suggested accommodations, possible tutoring and study skill that would be helpful.

We are often involved with students after their testing providing tutoring and study skill training.

Each local college or university has different requirements for obtaining assistance, support  and accommodations. 

Academic Accommodations are put in place to mitigate the functional impact of a student's disability in the educational setting.  These supports are intended to promote access for students with disabilities without compromising the integrity of the learning environment. Accommodations are determined based upon medical documentation and in consultation with the student.
Please contact us at RelatedMinds Educational Services:
Our phone number and an email contact form can be found on the website.
Examples of Academic AccommodationsThe following list is a sample of available academic accommodations. It is not all inclusive:
Assignments:•    Alternate format/assignment
    •    Interpreter
    •    Notetaker
    •    Preferential seating
    •    Use of adaptive technology
    •    TypeWell transcription
    •    Extra-time
    •    Separate setting
    •    Use of a computer
    •    Use of adaptive technology
    •    Reader
    •    Scribe
    •    Alternate format for course materials/text books (e.g. mp3, e-text)    
Here is a sample agreement letter to record lecturers:

More detailed information on the specific requirements for local colleges and universities can be found below:

Simon Fraser University (SFU)

University of British Columbia (UBC)

Douglas College


Langara College

Vancouver Community College

University of the Fraser Valley